15 Mar 2020

The Power Of Vision

The Power Of Vision

Your feet will never take you where your eyes can’t see! You can not go anywhere in life without a solid vision or while walking in someone else’s vision! Change YOUR perception & vision and watch the tremendous results flow! #igniteyourfuture~ayojeremiah.com

Over the past 10 years, I reflect back at all the pyramid schemes, marketing meetings, conferences, get rich quick schemes, MLM, B2B, D2D, and marketing projects that I have invested time, effort and money in. The ones I am aware of are – Organo Gold, Melaleuca, World Financial Group, Primerica, WakeupNow, Sozo Life, Amway Global, Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, ACN, Vector, Cutco, Quill, MCA, 5-Linx, Alkaline Water, World Ventures and the list goes on…

I lost a few friends trying to sign them up and I lost a few friends because I didn’t want to sign up for something else with them. ~ Please don’t get me wrong, I actually made money in a few of those projects and in addition, I have met successful individuals in all these business ventures. Some of these business just so happen to have GREAT PRODUCTS !!!
But not until I started saving all that money, time & energy and started investing in MYSELF, and sharpening my VISION that I simply began to understand what true success is….

A wise man once told me, MONKEY SEE MONKEY SHOULD NOT DO! Just because everyone else is doing it or CAN do it, does not mean it’s for you. Much love and respect to those already making it and not knocking anyone down 🙂 FIND YOUR OWN PATH & SHARPEN YOUR OWN VISION, AND SHAPE YOUR OWN DESTINY.