I am available for speaking engagements because I don’t think it’s fair that only the people who have access to certain resources or relationships get to taste success.

I love sharing my success story and experience with others while providing a roadmap for them to find their own way. My topics include:

  • How to grow your brand and business using digital marketing.
  • How to start earning a 6 figure income in career or business.
  • How to attract the right type of clients. VIP vs VDP.
  • Stop selling products and start creating solutions while still understanding the power of sales.
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur or start-up business.
  • Learn affordable ways to make your business stand out and surpass the competition.
  • Ready to start a business, but you have no clue on what type of business to start or invest in.

Want to have me speak at your organization/event, invite me to a convention or conference, interview me, or have me write for your publication?

Or you can send an email to booking@ayojeremiah.com

Please introduce yourself and tell me about the organization or event at which you wish to have me speak, the date and time of the event, and the honorarium/fee amount you wish to offer. My fees are negotiable depending on preparation time, travel, and the nature of the event. (Particularly for non-profit and educational organizations.) I also appreciate any details you can provide regarding why you think I would be a good fit for your event/interview/etc., and what kind of presentation/article/etc., you are envisioning, these are very helpful to me in planning for and evaluating the fit of your proposal.

I appreciate requests being made at least two months in advance of the speaking date so I can have time to fit the event into my schedule and make any necessary preparations.

Thank you.