Welcome to my official website. I am Ayo Jeremiah, a business marketing strategist, success coach, and philanthropist whose social and business networks extend to many countries all over the world. I believe you are meant to succeed in life, business, relationships, and health while living a meaningful life in every way possible and maximizing your potential.


Stop waiting & wishing for things to magically work out.


After all, you were created to make an impact in this world before you leave. Get on the pathway to leaving your mark today! Or as I have labeled it as follows: The pathway to be Fruitful, to Multiply, to Replenish, to Subdue, and to have Dominion in your life and in your business.

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To achieve something you have never achieved, you have got to try something you have never tried.

Free Business Consultation

So business is not quite where you would like it to be. I will develop a worry-free assessment and create an interactive roadmap to your success.

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High Performance Marketing

High-Performance Marketing solutions that drive results through sales processes, online & digital engagement, and customer retention.

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90 Day 1 on 1 Coaching

Do you want to propel forward in life, business and, career? I will help plan and navigate the steps needed to live your best life in integrity with your values.

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Trusted Project Management

I will drive your project from idea to reality while saving you time, money & energy as well as bringing you along every step of the way.

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Branding, Coaching & Training

Don’t be overwhelmed anymore with all the information out there on launching or growing your brand. Learn how to build your empire step by step.

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Keynote & Public Speaking

Ignite Your Future is a message that Ayo Jeremiah spreads in every day life which translate into helping others achieve the same in life and in business.

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The golden rule of success in life and in business is this:
Add and continue adding value to people’s lives.
As long as you remain valuable, success is inevitable.

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Successful Entrepreneur | Big Picture Thinker

After resigning from a 6 figure career to start my own web and graphics business, I quickly hit rock bottom! I climbed out of my lowest point and now have a successful marketing firm in The Woodlands; a prestigious outskirt of Houston, TX USA.

Business Strategist and Marketer.

My company called Leoserv Inc, formerly known as Fortune Spark is a Web Development & Digital Marketing company that was recently featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, All-State Journal and other major news outlets.

Passionate Coach / Motivational Speaker

I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have the freedom and excitement I have in my life today. I have shifted my focus in impacting others to succeed and helping them to ignite their future.

Ignite Your Future!