Who is Ayo Jeremiah?


I discovered and unlocked an ancient secret and within 24 months, my life and business exploded with immense success and purpose.

I learned how to unlock hidden talents and habits within myself that catapulted me into a higher sense of living. I discovered that to achieve something that you have never achieved, then you must be willing to try something that you have never tried. My mission now is to empower individuals, businesses and organizations to define their ideal future and then create a complete interactive approach that unlocks that full potential. As the vision unfolds, I will use proven methods and expertise to “Ignite your future”. Take a bold decision today to change the way you think, try something you have never tried, remain patient and optimistic, and when it’s all said and done, watch the tremendous results flow.”


Ayo Jeremiah is an entrepreneur, business strategist, success coach, and philanthropist based in Houston, TX USA whose social and business networks extend to many countries all over the world. He is the CEO and founder of Leoserv Inc. formerly known as Fortune Spark Inc. (A Business Branding, Web Marketing & IT Development Company). He is also the founder of Fortune Scholarship Foundation which aims to award exceptional students in the greater Houston, TX and surrounding areas. As an alumnus of the University of Houston, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications, a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Leadership. He is a lover of music and has fluently played the piano since the age of 12. He has been influential in numerous organizations and is now extending himself abroad. Ayo Jeremiah has worked on numerous projects in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas and is set to impact local communities for the better in educational programs, housing programs, religious outreach, unemployment, homelessness and much more. Being part of many volunteer groups, he has partnered with numerous sponsors in optimizing key efforts aimed at helping to ignite the future of those around him and the entire world.


  • Fortune Spark
    A Web Marketing, Branding & Graphics Company.
  • Fortune Scholarship
    Awarding scholarship funds to high school students in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.
  • Leoserv Inc.
    An IT firm set to redefine and refine software development services.
  • Keep Calm & Live
    A movement set to give hope to the hopeless and help them live again.
  • The 2020 Foundation
    Feeding and helping 2,020 families in need by the year 2020.
  • Alief Community Association
    Working towards a healthier community and to improve the quality of life for over 25 years in Alief, TX USA.
  • Crown Excellence
    Engaging and impacting children to promote and further educational pursuits.