01 Apr 2020

Wake up and DARE TO BE GREAT!

Wake up and BE GREAT!

If you met Mark Zuckerberg he would tell you about his many challenges early on when he first started Facebook. Before Facebook even became what it is today, it was just a small project he started while at Harvard. Before Facebook even went public, he was getting a series of lawsuits left and right. At this point is when most people simply call it QUITS.

He fought through the adversities and decided to keep fighting to be great and leave a solid impact in this world. We now all enjoy the benefits of Facebook due to his decision. I dare you to do the same, wake up every day and shake off the dust from the previous day. Fight through adversities and challenge yourself to be great. The 3 keys I leave you to focus on each day are:

• Stay Relentless
• Remain Persistence
• Work Consistency