High-Performance Marketing drives results through solutions over sales, attracting quality customers and engaging online and digital traffic to infuse growth.

You need this service if your marketing falls into the following:

  • Does your marketing strategy stink? Like an old and expired bottle of milk doing more harm than good?
  • Do you try one marketing gimmick after another without a real strategy, only to be frustrated with the results?
  • Are you one of those geniuses that believe DOING IT YOURSELF is the best approach and see no results?
  • Do you need help determining the best promotional strategy for your business?
  • Can you honestly say that you are satisfied with the number and quality of customers your marketing is attracting?


We will follow the Ignite Your Future Marketing system, which will:

  • Strengthen your marketing core processes
    • Develop an “easy-to-say-yes-to” brand
    • Strategically align your branding and packaging to get maximum impact for your target customer.
    • Conduct an assessment of market and competitor research to determine the most profitable, appropriate direction for you to take.
    • Get clarity on the perfect mixture of your brand story with keys to measure success.
  • Improve your promotional materials
    • Ensure your brand is on point so your target customer says, “yes they get me and I want to do business with them”
    • Give you guidance on web and graphics solutions, mobile apps, social media, testimonials and promotional content/stationery.
    • Optimize your website/app/content to increase conversions/leads
  • Design a promotional plan that sets you up for success.
    • Find the perfect mixture of outbound (newsletters, mailers), inbound (social media, ads, SEO), and in-person (networking, speaking) for you. Try different blends that match your brand.
    • Look for better effective ways to get you in front of key decision makers/and power users.
    • Build in a feedback loop to let you know when you are on track and to measure key performance and success indicators.