18 Apr 2019

Ayo Jeremiah gives internships to local Texas Middle Schoolers.

April 18th press release.
I wanted to give them the kind of opportunity I never had by being able to connect with them in ways others never tried.”

Houston, TX, USA – Alief Independent School District in Houston, Texas just wrapped up the 2019 Alief STEM Academy event which aims at cultivating 21st Century STEM leaders who utilize creative and innovative practices through critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. This is accomplished through engaging, enriching curricula taught across disciplines in an integrated manner by an elite team of educational experts. Ayo Jeremiah was invited as one of the vendors and speakers at this year’s event and the turn around was indeed an eye-opener. All the students were able to experience the latest technologies, mathematical applications embedding financial literacy, science, engineering, and communication skills needed to become productive and competitive individuals in a diverse technologically advanced society.

As engaging as the event was, the one moment that stood out was when Ayo Jeremiah on a whim, decided to give one of the students an internship opportunity with Leoserv Inc., which is a Digital Marketing agency owned by Ayo Jeremiah. With mouths wide open, the student and his parents seemed speechless as one could tell that this opportunity was out of the norm in such an event full of middle schoolers. The eight-grader hurried to hug his mom and shook Ayo Jeremiah’s hand firmly acknowledging his approval and admiration.

We spoke with Ayo Jeremiah after and he stated “Honestly at his age, I was only thinking about videogames and sports, so for him to be interested in having a career in the IT field as such a young age resonated with me. I used the opportunity to give them the kind of opportunity I never had by being able to connect with them in ways their parents or teachers have not tried.”

At the end of the event, 3 out of the hundreds of students were given the internship opportunity. One of the parent’s mentioned to us that “Many students in high school are using internships as a way to help decide their major or gain experience to better prepare themselves to land a career. So we were pretty amazed and surprised when this offer was made to our son who is only in middle school. We would like to thank Ayo Jeremiah and his team for the opportunity.”

To learn more about the STEM program, visit https://www.aliefisd.net/Page/11104.